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SurfacingxWould you like be a GM? Well we want you! Sign up here private server 6 hours ago
cokdeli1Redemption!! Watch Opheliia as she does battlegrounds at : private server 12 hours ago
cokdeli1Redemption!! Watch Lannisterr(Food alt) going through ICC10HC at : private server 14 hours ago
ExcalibusRedemption! Prepare for udder-destruction, as Moothor has milked his way to Azeroth! The battle begins at the Argent Tournament @ 13:25 SvT!wow private server 17 hours ago
gmaffectxThis is not good! Our love couple have discovered some drugs at their lovely home, Dalaran! Eternal, prepare yourselves 12:00 ST!wow private server 18 hours ago
wow private server

Free VIP Items Giveaway!

by PolishChris | wow private server Read 61 Comments

Ever wanted free VIP items or gear?!?!

We here at Eternal have decided to offer a special 24 hour contest to do just that!

Over the next 24 hours, a special NPC has been spawned in a secret location on all the realms, this NPC is class sensitive, meaning only gear for your class can be offered. And the NPC will only work once per account. We feel this is a fair way to offer a chance to have a VIP toon on your favorite realm! As you all noticed we have been making quite a few changes lately, and our staff decided this is something we would like to try.

Here is where the fun part begins, we will be offering no hints! But we will say this:

  • The NPC will be in an area in each realm, so regardless of your level you can access it.
  • The NPC will be large enough that it can be spotted from some distance to help with finding it.
  • Making a ticket asking a GM for a hint will not be answered.


Special thanks to the RCT for this amazing idea.

wow private server

Beta Tester Recruitment!

by Aqulaane | wow private server Read 8 Comments


Eternal-WoW is one if the most successful and highest populated WoW private servers in the world. One of the best aspects of working here is the satisfaction of seeing a large community of players enjoy your efforts. If you're interested in being part of a staff that champions the exceptional and encourages the creative, you need not look any further.

We are now recruiting Beta Testers!

Have you ever wanted to...

...test and be an important part in fixing bugs?
...test the newest upcoming content?
...get the highest quality, Eternal-WoW badge beside your forum name? amazing people from our diverse staff?
and ultimately help your server?

If you answered YES to any of the above, submit an application and join our team! We offer everyone a trial period so that you can truly experience first hand our work in the Beta Tester Team! It never hurts to try!

Staff Benefits

  • Expand your knowledge of World of Warcraft
  • Meet new friends that share the same interest as you! (They might be your next raiding/arena partner!)
  • Learn to be in a friendly staff environment!
  • Learn management skills that can help you in real life!
  • Priority in custom donations
  • Get some special VIP Staff Benefits! VIP Rewards at the end of month, weekly rewards, etc...!


  • Be at least 16 years old!
  • Have knowledge in general aspects of the game and its general mechanisms
  • Have knowledge about the general classes, races, and factions of the game
  • Be able to communicate effectively in English (Verbally/Written)
  • Be able to download TeamSpeak 3 and connect to our server!


  • Can I play on my legit account while doing this job?
    Of course! But make sure you keep up with the required work!

  • Are there any rewards for being on Staff?
    Like anything, everything is rated on your performance - but we do have a reward system in place for staff members. As a full staff member on the Eternal-WoW Staff, you could be eligible for some awesome rewards (VIP Points) for your legit characters! Win-win situation!

  • Are there hour requirements?
    We have very reasonable hour requirements that most, if not all of our current staff have no problems in meeting it. Over 80% of our staff go over the required hours! Preferably operating around the 02:00 server time mark, if you have time in your week to dedicate towards being a Beta Tester then we have a place on our team for you.

  • Could I meet the legendary Aqulaane?!
    Quite possibly! Come and join to find out!

If you have any questions at all about joining the Beta Tester team, then feel free to head onto our Teamspeak server and have a one to one conversation with one of us (or send me a message here!).

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